Mod Property Group specialises in property management services exclusively for investors. Our core aim is to provide property investors a high quality, stress-free property management experience, with a package that is sure to maximise your rental income and guarantee you peace of mind. Our property management values are – Communication, integrity and dedication.

Read on to discover 8 reasons why Mod Property Group should be the property manager of your choice.

  • Experienced Property Managers

    Our property management team is headed by our licensee, who has years of experience in the property management industry and sound knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, Magistrates Court (Civil Proceedings) Act and Civil Judgments Enforcement Act legislation. Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that our clients’ interests are always protected.

  • Simple Fee Structure

    We keep our fee structure simple – 1 week’s leasing fee or 1 week’s lease renewal fee, and a fixed percentage of the weekly rent, with no other hidden extras. This way, our clients know exactly what they are being charged for. Instead of spending time checking accounts and explaining all the different charges, we focus our time instead on managing your investment property.

  • Effective Communication

    Our carefully crafted communication process ensures that our clients are regularly updated on all fronts of their investment property, including maintenance. We also guarantee that we will get back to you via phone or email within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry, otherwise we’ll pay you $100 – it’s as simple as that.

  • Debt Recovery

    We are the only real estate agency with a clear debt recovery procedure. With years of experience in successfully resolving civil claims for debt and damages in residential based matters, our licensee has developed a highly efficient process which ensures that your loss is mitigated, out of pocket expenses are minimised to the greatest degree, and importantly, your investment is protected.

  • Weekly Payments

    We clear our trust account on a weekly basis, meaning that our clients will receive their payments weekly or fortnightly, in line with their tenants’ rental payment cycle. By making payments at a higher frequency rate, we help our clients improve their cash flow and ultimately save them on interest charges.

  • Problem Solvers

    Our experienced and competent property management professionals will always assist and recommend the best approach to resolve issues that arise with your rental property. We are proactive, creative, and have a hands-on attitude towards problem solving, so you can have a stress-free property management experience.

  • Competitive Fees

    We have the most competitive fees within the industry, designed for property investors ensuring that full investment returns are achieved. We never compromise on our exceptional service, and continually explore ways to improve our methodologies, thus allowing us to pass on the savings to our clients. Reach out to us and you’ll be surprised at how much we can save you.

  • No Lock In Contract

    Our unique approach to providing property management services is unparalleled. By offering the right package, excellent services and an awesome can-do attitude, we are confident we won’t need to lock you in to a fixed term contract – ever. With no exit fees and a mere 24 hour notice period, we find that our clients love the flexibility of being able to move on should their circumstances change..