Spring is finally here!

To many of us, spring usually brings about a sense of new beginnings, high spirits and renewal. We experienced quite a wet and stormy winter this year in Perth, so springtime is the perfect opportunity to reassess the state of your property.

Our property managers are well versed and experienced in property condition inspections, and here are their top tips for spring preventative maintenance:

Clean and declutter

  • Do a ‘spring clean’! Clear out all the clutter and remove items that you don’t regularly use.
  • Take advantage of junk and green waste collections by your local council.
  • Clean windows and fly screens from grime and dust buildup.

Check the air conditioning system

  • Check the air filters in air conditioning units before using it in order to guarantee good indoor air quality.
  • Arrange to have air conditioning units professionally checked and serviced if required.

Inspect the external and roof

  • Determine whether any roof tiles need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Ensure that gutters and downpipes are clean and free of debris to avoid blockages, overspill from water, and from becoming a fire hazard.
  • If you have wooden fences, check them for termite damage (arrange a professional termite inspection if required).

Clean up the landscaping and freshen plant life

  • Replace landscaping elements like gravel and mulch which can get displaced over winter due to inclement weather. Fresh mulch (much like a fresh coat of paint) provides instant impact to lacklustre garden beds, but more importantly it helps retain moisture in the soil and assists in controlling weeds.
  • Prune and selectively remove vegetation to help improve plant health and growth. This eliminates broken and cracked branches, and contributes to giving a fresh look to your property without the expense of ripping out and installing new plants.
  • Cut back overgrowth from trees and shrubs that are too close to roofs and walls.

Check the irrigation system

  • Check the irrigation systems to ensure they will operate effectively in spring.
  • As we head towards the summer months, it is essential that irrigation systems are working properly so that plants are supplied with water as rainfall decreases and the days get warmer.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing your home for sale, maintaining your investment property, or just staying put, this proactive evaluation not only helps restore kerb appeal, it can also (more importantly) identify issues for remediation to prevent further damage, and save you time and money throughout the rest of the year.